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As shared in the previous post, there are currently many malicious entities online posing as SmartOSC recruiters to engage in fraudulent activities and tarnish the company’s image. Check out the post below to have a better understanding of this issue, and see the most authentic reviews about SmartOSC!

The review information in this post is compiled from – a leading technology recruitment and company review website in Vietnam, ensuring the most objective perspective.

Review of the Working Environment at SmartOSC

SmartOSC emphasizes the spirit of self-awareness and responsibility of each member. Smartors are encouraged to discuss with their manager on any issues, whether personal or work-related. Every opinion is heard and respected. Additionally, each employee can proactively set principles based on personal preferences without following one common standard restrictively. Proactivity and freedom of creativity are what SmartOSC always aims for.

At SmartOSC, each member is a unique piece with a distinct color and trait but bonded by a special adhesive often referred to as Smart DNA. The company always focuses on balancing spirituality and work life for employees through various vibrant and exciting activities such as team building, summer vacation, the company’s birthday, family day,… The stereotype of “geeky programmers” is gradually replaced by dynamic, energetic Smartors who are well-connected with each other. 

According to the compilation from ITviec, there are many 5-star positive reviews about the working environment at SmartOSC, such as:

– Excellent and very friendly bosses. Shared interests with colleagues like poker, beer, and alcohol.

– Colleagues are cheerful, mostly Gen Z, so it is easy to blend in.

– The company cares about newcomers, providing substantial welcome kits on the first day. There are mentors to guide and train them.

– The company organizes an average of 1-2 entertaining activities every month. I like the Summer Vacation event and the company’s Sharing Day charity event the most.

– Company clubs, in addition to entertainment, also serve as a way to encourage employees to learn and grow.

– Clean office with many “check-in” corners.

Along with positive feedback, there are some suggestions for improvement, such as the office space being quite narrow and dim, the pantry smells of cooking, the company lacks spacious common areas for all employees, etc.

In summary, the working environment at SmartOSC is quite comfortable and suitable for young people who appreciate freedom and creativity. Moreover, the company regularly adds a variety of activities throughout the year to strengthen the bond among all employees.

Working Environment at SmartOSC

Review of our Policies and Benefits

SmartOSC’s “people-centric” strategy facilitates for employees to be autonomous and independent in their work. From this strategy, the Employee Value Proposition is also developed around four main pillars: Organisational culture, Autonomy in work, Career advancement opportunities, and Benefits. With the message ‘Grow your way, with us,’ SmartOSC commits to always accompany each member on every stage of development, empowering them with the creative freedom to break their own limits. 

Human resources policies and benefits at SmartOSC are also designed to help each employee balance work and life, including flexible working hours, offices with many green plants to reduce stress, equipped with massage chairs and exercise tools on each floor, etc.

Here is a compilation of some authentic reviews about SmartOSC’s policies and benefits on ITviec:

– Favorite aspects include flexible working time and location. A day only requires a check-in of 6 hours. On days with bad weather or when the company atmosphere is dull, employees can work from home.

– The pantry provides food and drinks, but prices are a bit high. However, it’s convenient for those working late. They don’t have to go out or order online.

– The company shows good concern for the families of employees. I was impressed with the Tet gift box and the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake box from last year because they were beautiful and abundant.

– The health insurance policy is good. I was able to purchase insurance for small children and parents at a very good price.

– The online training system is excellent, allowing employees to proactively learn in an easy way.

– The company meeting room is small and not soundproof.

– Workload can be heavy at times as there are many projects with large clients.

SmartOSC's Policies and Benefits

So, is SmartOSC good? Is it a scam?

The objective reviews above help to confirm that SmartOSC is not a scam. Not only is it a big company in the e-commerce field in the region, but SmartOSC also asserts its leading position in human resources policies and working environment, having been honored with numerous prestigious international awards, including Best Company to Work for in Asia for two consecutive years (2022; 2023), Great Place to Work Certification 2022, Stevie Award for Outstanding Workplace, etc. Therefore, do not hesitate to explore official information and join SmartOSC to experience a friendly working environment and the conditions the company provides for you today!


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