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With the intention to penetrate deeply into the Australian market, SmartOSC launched the Go to Aus program to recruit talents for projects in Australia. Go to Aus is open to everyone.

Why do we choose Australia?

Being in the top 20 global developed economies, the top 10 attracting FDI capital, this has helped Australia become an extremely attractive market. Moreover, the Comprehensive and Strategic Partnership Agreement between Vietnam and Australia has also promoted the opening of the Vietnamese labor force to access Australia.

Not only opening the development path for the company, the company’s employees will also be able to access a professional international working environment. Expanding development in Australia is the way to embellish the colorful puzzle pieces at SmartOSC.

What makes you suitable for the Go to Aus program?

You are planning to live and work in Australia but don’t know how to start. Go to Aus is your start. The selected personnel for this program will be nominated by SmartOSC to work directly at the Australian office.

Dynamic, creative, and dare to face new challenges is what SmartOSC is looking for. To be able to adapt and work in an international environment, you need to have an inquisitive spirit, a passion for discovery, and a willingness to experience. In Australia, you not only reach domestic customers but also reach a lot of customers from different countries. Integrating with different cultures has never been easy, so SmartOSC is looking to assemble a team of employees who are always ready to experience new challenges.

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With a people-centered policy, SmartOSC wants to help all people here develop and express themselves. Not only with the environment in Vietnam, SmartOSC always encourages overseas personnel to be exposed to all projects, big or small. Thus, you can rub against the projects of Australia as well as of many other countries in the region.

What is special about the Australian office?

With a panoramic view of Darlinghurst city in sight, this is the direct workplace of SmartOSC staff in Australia. With the main color of brown – gray – white, the whole office is designed according to Industrial Style but still exudes the inherent elegance. SmartOSC wants to let employees feel comfortable and warm while working in the office.

The core value of Sharing in the 5 values transmitted in SmartOSC is still transferred to Australia. For that reason, the architects chose to design glass, reduce partitions, help increase interaction, and focus on creating spaces for people to relax to balance work and life. The interior is mainly selected with wood material to exude neatness, squareness but equally strong.

The point that makes SmartOSC Australia attractive is the open ceiling design, creating the effect of expanding the space. This will help enhance the comfort, creativity and innovation of Smartors.

Orientation to reach new heights of the Board of Directors

During the Smart Talk Event H1 – 2023 taking place on the afternoon of March 7 at SmartOSC Hanoi office, the topic shared by the Board of Directors was called “Reach New Heights”. Participating in the event was the presence of Chairman Nguyen Chi Hieu & CEO Nguyen Thai Son, and all Smartors of the three regions in both offline and online form.

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Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu and Mr. Nguyen Thai Son answered staff’s questions and focused on sharing development orientations in Australia in the near future. By gathering a group of human resources of equal quality, SmartOSC wants to raise its name and position not only in Vietnam but also to dominate overseas markets.

“The upcoming road will be more and more difficult. But that is what we will have to overcome to gradually conquer the “mountain” peaks – CEO Nguyen Thai Son.

“Just do it – One step at a time – Team over individuals” Chairman – Nguyen Chi Hieu.

The trend of globalization is having a significant impact on the development of Vietnam in general and technology companies in particular. Grasping the progress of the market, SmartOSC is not afraid to challenge itself when deciding to expand the market in many different countries, including Australia. Hopefully Australia will become a promised land for talented Smartors.

For more information about GO TO AUS campaign here.


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