What is Fresher? What is the role and importance of Freshers in the labor market?

What is Fresher

Fresher is a term frequently mentioned in the labor market. However, do we truly understand the role and importance of a fresher? In this blog post, let’s explore the “character” of a fresher, their role, and significance within each company and the labor market!

1. What is Fresher?

“Fresher” is used to refer to someone who is new or lacks experience in a specific field. In the context of recruitment and jobs, “fresher” often denotes individuals who have recently graduated from university or lack professional work experience in their field.

In the field of Information Technology, the fresher position is typically used to describe entry-level programmers with the experience and knowledge of a recent graduate embarking on their first job search. The regular characteristics of a fresher position: 

  • Recent Graduates: These individuals have just graduated from university or college, often with a bachelor’s or engineering degree.
  • No Professional Work Experience: They have not worked professionally in the industry or have very little practical work experience related to their field of study.
  • Need Guidance and Training: With low experience levels, they often require guidance, training, and support from more experienced individuals.
  • Basic Knowledge and Skills: Despite completing coursework and projects in school, they usually possess fundamental knowledge and basic skills in programming languages, development tools, and industry concepts.
  • No Substantial Impact in Real Projects: They lack substantial experience in large-scale real-world projects to show off their abilities.
  • Self-learning and development: The ability to self-study and develop is often required to grasp new knowledge and skills in the field of information technology.
  • Looking for opportunities to start a career: They often look for lower positions, such as internships, or graduate programmers, to start a career in the information technology industry.
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What is Fresher


2. Roles and Importance of a Fresher in the Job Market:

The role of a “fresher” in the workplace is typically associated with the most basic tasks and responsibilities for individuals to engage in and gradually become acquainted with real work, apply learned knowledge, and gain additional experience.

Recent graduate developers often start with entry-level developing roles. They undertake simple developing tasks, participate in small projects, and learn how to work in a software development environment. Each company will have its own guidance and training path for this fresher position.

Moreover, the fresher workforce holds considerable importance in the development of organizations, companies, and the job market for the following reasons:

  • Diversity Creation: Freshers bring diversity to the work environment. With an academic background and different life experiences, they offer a new perspective and value to organizations.
  • Inheritance of New Knowledge: Freshers usually possess the latest knowledge from their academic studies, helping the company to meet the future job demands of the industry.
  • Future Building: Despite the lack of experience, freshers represent the future of the industry and organizations. They have the potential to become leading experts in the future, contributing to the industry’s development.
  • Innovative Thinking: With a spirit of adventure and curiosity, freshers often have innovative thinking abilities and can propose new ideas, helping organizations create outstanding products and services.
  • Refreshing the Work Environment:** Freshers typically bring positive energy and positive interaction with colleagues. This can create a more positive working environment for the entire organization.
  • Motivation for Innovation: Freshers are often not constrained by traditional rules; they can drive innovation and challenge old standards within the organization.
  • Building Long-Term Human Resources: Organizations investing in training and developing freshers can create a quality workforce to meet future recruitment needs.
  • Integration of New Values and Culture: Freshers bring their values and culture, contributing to diversity in thinking and approaches to work.
  • Promote personal and professional development: Freshers often have a strong need for personal and professional development. This promotes continuous learning and positively contributes to organizational growth.
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3. Skills Required for a Fresher:

In any position, individuals need to make an effort to improve and develop their skills. For freshers, certain skills are essential for facilitating job applications and career advancement.

Specialized Knowledge:

 In addition to classroom learning, you need to enhance your knowledge, stay updated on new career trends, and develop a habit of continually upgrading your professional skills.

Learning Spirit and Progress:

As a fresher, your knowledge and practical experience are limited, so you need to be ready to learn from senior colleagues and eagerly take on additional tasks. Freshers have the advantage of close supervision of work quality, and they have the opportunity to correct mistakes. Therefore, take full advantage of these benefits while still a fresher.

Creativity and Dynamism:

Freshers are a source of fresh energy for the team. They bring youthfulness, creativity, and enthusiasm. This is a significant internal resource when teams have additional freshers, so be dynamic and actively participate in projects. Take the initiative to propose ideas and do not hesitate with your youthful spirit.

What is Fresher

When you participate in SmartOSC’s Fresher program, you can freely propose your new ideas along with a different development roadmap:

  • Intensive training roadmap, guided and led by experienced leaders
  • On-job training at projects with major customers around the world
  • Monthly allowance based on ability and full support for training costs
  • Opportunity to become an official employee with an attractive salary
  • Experience in a multinational working environment and enjoy many other benefits.

In conclusion, the fresher position holds great importance in the labor market because freshers bring diversity, new knowledge, and development potential, playing a vital role in building the future for both the industry and organizations. Don’t forget that the SmartOSC Fresher recruitment program is ongoing until December 31. Discover more about the program at: https://careers.smhttps://careers.smartosc.com/the-greenerartosc.com/the-greener 

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