Smart Summer Vacation 2023: More than just a trip!

Smart Summer Vacation 2023

Smart Summer Vacation 2023 took place at the end of May 2023 in Quang Binh, with golden sunshine, blue sea, white sand, and stunning performances was a memorable trip, leaving such beautiful memories in the hearts of all Smartors from all over the world.

Đại gia đình SmartOSC "check-in" tại quảng trường Hồ Chí Minh

                                                      The SmartOSC family “checked in” at Ho Chi Minh Square.

What makes Smart Summer Vacation 2023 special?

Smart Summer Vacation (SSV) is the most anticipated event of the year, bringing together all Smartors worldwide with the aim of bringing a dynamic and colorful summer vacation, where Smartors can have fun, release stress after months of running deadlines, and strengthen collective engagement.

This year, with the theme “SMARTREK – TO THE PEAKS,” Smartors had a 3-day-2-night staycation to explore the sunny and windy central region of Quang Binh, one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam with a unique experience.

Team Marketing Service checkin tại biển Quảng Bình

Enjoy to the fullest on the Hanoi – Quang Binh train

On the way to Quang Binh, while Smartors in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City travel by car, airplane to save time, Smartors in Hanoi have an entirely new experience, which is traveling on the “night train” with a separate car. Smartors were prepared with drinks, snacks, board games, and equipped with sound systems to join a beer party, singing and entertaining activities on the train.

“Chill out” at luxury resorts

When arriving in Quang Binh, Smartors enjoyed a complete resort holiday at Sea Star Resort with luxury services: a quiet private beach, an infinity pool, and fun entertainment activities such as paintball, sandboarding, and off-road driving around the resort. In the afternoon, everyone sunbathed on the beach, “chilled out” with the band Acoustic, and welcomed the romantic sunset in a vibrant Welcome drink party. When night fell, Smartors immersed themselves in dance and music with the DJ at the Beach Club on the beach.

chill hết nấc cùng các thành viên SmartOSC
tiệc trên bãi biển Quảng Bình
Welcome drink on the beach
Nhảy cùng DJ tại bãi biển
Dance with DJ at the Beach Club

Laughed-out-loud with the unique Teambuilding

This year, the teambuilding activity of SSV23 brought a unique experience and a thrilling competition of five “kingdoms” coming from various Divisions. Despite “rolling” in the sun and wind of the Central Region, with the cleverness and harmonious coordination of members, the teams completed their tasks of “rescuing” their team’s princess excellently. At the end of the teambuilding, all teams had refreshing and more cohesive moments with each other. Besides, Smartors also visited famous tourist destinations such as Ho Chi Minh Square and explored the Phong Nha – Ke Bang Cave with many exciting experience.

team building tại SmartOSC
các liên quân tham gia teambuilding
Joining Team Building with the determination to win
các smartor khám phá động phong nha kẻ bàng
Smartors explore Phong Nha - Ke Bang Cave

Explosive Gala Dinner and eye-catching performances

Under the graceful host of MC, the Gala Dinner opened in a luxurious yet cozy atmosphere. The appearance of BOD (Board of Directors) “cosplaying” five princesses on the stage to raise the toast amazed everyone. Perhaps this was the first time Smartors witnessed such a unique toasting.  

5 anh chị Ban lãnh đạo “cosplay” công chúa cùng nâng ly khai tiệc
The BOD jointly raised a toast in princess cosplay costume

The Gala Dinner continued with creative performances that invested a lot of effort from five teams. The enthusiastic cheers and thunderous applause of Smartors at that night were the clearest evidence for the success of all performances and the well-deserved results of Smartors after many days of preparation.

màn trình diễn của các Smartor
tưng bừng đêm gala cùng các liên quân
Tiết mục văn nghệ đặc sắc từ các Smartors
Excellent performances from Smartors

The night came to an end with valuable awards for the best performances, marking an explosive and eye-catching Gala Dinner!

Trao giải nhất cho Smartrek xứng đáng
Trao giải nhì cho Smartrek xứng đáng
Giải liên quân triển vọng

Smart Summer Vacation 2023 ended with beautiful impressions in the hearts of Smartors and happy moments together. Returning from this trip, Smartors will have many memorable experiences with SmartOSC family and be ready to conquere upcoming goals.

Let’s take a look at some beautiful moments of the trip:

trang trí trên biển quảng bình
chill trên biển quảng bình
Chill cùng các thành viên smartor
tiệc cùng các thành viên smartor


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